18 January 2016

“You’ve got some great stuff throughout your website and blog. Still, I’m trying to understand how what you offer is different from, say, any number of social media pages with wise or insightful quotes, or blogs with specific advice for personal struggles and questions. It seems as though the world, especially the web, is just filled with “Think about this…”.

Now that’s a comment I can work with. Thank you.

I don’t know about effectiveness in difference, but my intent and hope, as stated in my first sentence on this blog, is that it “provides some compelling resources.” Hopefully original, more carefully researched, chosen and timed, too. Every link here, for example, opens out into a number of directions for exploration, all of which I’ve personally explored, support and find worthwhile, with different angles on and unique voices about what I consider to be key parts of what one might call “the real conversation of life.”

Like for any conversation, a statement or question is offered that can be ignored, extinguished immediately, disappear into the mass of background noise, juggled with competing incoming stimulations, or engaged with sufficient conviction to take it somewhere unique. Much of the intuitive thread throughout all my work, including here on this blog, is “Why don’t you try taking this somewhere unique?”

Few things, if any, are as satisfying, relieving, healing and fun as a good conversation, whether that be one conducted with words, touch, silent heartfelt presence or caring consideration from a distance. Indeed, all forms of personal evolution and growth in all schools of thought are built pretty much exclusively on this. These produce our most fulfilling, enlightening and resolving experiences. They are also where and when we find ourselves liberated from the various cages we squirm and fidget within.

Specifically concerning the internet and everything we have access to there, but also including the world in general as most of us relate to it, I tend to lean toward…

We do not need more information, not even insight, but a new determination to sidestep rampant consumption of miscellanea, seize upon one or two intuitive illuminations and make something from them.

To illustrate, below are a couple links I’ve been wanting to include on my blog here, as examples of sublime precision, a compound quality I highly value and believe has real worth as specific tool in pretty much anything that anyone engages. But my hope in offering these is that they don’t just make one think or feel for a second or two but generate some conscious inspiration and intent to “make something from them” in our lives today, finding and integrating our own feel and sense of sublime precision into our chosen projects, endeavors and conversations…

“This is just fantastic, and relieves some nagging issue I couldn’t even put my finger on. Talk about sublime precision. I agree completely with your emphasis on conversation and also honing attention to create from one or two primary threads. Instead of stuffing ourselves with endless consumption and distraction, however temporarily appetizing. Bringing something worthy back out into the world, into the real conversation. Also love your quiet addition of the Simon Critchley article. Someone is listening to this most excellent conversation!”

Ha. A voice out there somewhere. I thought I was just howling into empty space. Thank you for your enthusiastic response, much appreciated.