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Excerpts from Talks with Darrell Calkins

These excerpts, recorded during seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area and retreats in Southwestern France, offer an accessible window into themes ranging from how to build successful intimate relationships to subtleties of compassion, stress management and keeping an essential love for life even in impossible circumstances.

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Darrell Calkins audio, CobaltSaffron audio excerpts from seminars and retreats with Darrell CalkinsExcerpts from a Discussion with Darrell Calkins may also be downloaded through:



3 Comments Add yours

  1. THG West Transition says:

    These discussions encapsulate some important lessons on relationships, purpose, and timeless morals anyone can benefit from no matter where there are in life. As a teacher, I like these because they make philosophy simple to access and tangible (what does it mean for me today?) which is a difficult task. Each clip functions like a great story, rather than a lecture, passed down from years and years ago.

  2. Julia Richardson says:

    The thrust underneath these clips, to me, is an exploration into the nature of existence that successfully expands into new territory this questioning that has managed to fascinate, perplex and challenge the great minds through history. Creative, invigorating for the mind, food for one’s lust for life, and never boring or lacking in passion – yes, fuel for great stories!

  3. M.V. says:

    Excellent! The clips reconnect me with my drive to study wisdoms and philosophies. Thank you. Recommended!

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