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  1. jadecalkins1 says:

    I actually saw this video on facebook years ago, and this is a subject that used to make me angry, so I didn’t want to watch it to the end. I was spitting on human’s stupidity. This time I did watch it entirely, and this time I only was desperate, again.
    By the time we talked about it, movies were created (« Behind our smoke screens » is the one that I saw, about facebook, social media, etc), series (Black Mirror is still the best in this area for me) about how we became impacted by everything that isn’t our intuition, such as technology.
    I’m currently reading a book about the cosmos. It talks about the billion stars, all the greatest things we don’t see everyday, but we stay lucky enough and clever (sometimes) to know they exist. The cosmos and everything that is bigger than us (humanity) is still the only thing that can remind me how little we are, how pretentious we have been to focus that much on ourselves, but in the way we even forget our true self. We created so much by the will to be perfect, always evolving compared to how humans were living before. But all this creation of a better world became the source of forgetting who we truly are. And now the world is run by entertainment, leaving us to forget a lot of what is essential. So I leave you with this desperate vibe. But I believe that one day everything that is distracting us from who we are will in a way blow away in pieces.

    1. There’s my girl! I don’t find your reflections to cause a desperate vibe. Quite the contrary – I immediately feel hope in someone from a younger generation who immediately understands implications and stands up to call out what she senses is wrong with such sincerity, passion and intelligence. It’s a help in blowing away in pieces the distractions.

      “How little we are, how pretentious we have been to focus that much on ourselves, but in the way we even forget our true self” is a quote worthy to be highlighted on this blog, or anywhere.

      Good idea to look to the cosmos for some guiding light. If you haven’t yet read Carl Sagan, I recommend him, perhaps first his ‘Cosmos’ and later ‘The Demon-Haunted World’. I’ll look for the movies you’ve recommended here.

      I hope you find other entries on this blog that engender serenity, inspiration, and hope. Perhaps the videos on this post will provide some of that… https://darrellcalkinspublications.com/2021/05/16/leaning-into-art/

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