Over the years, many of my friends and colleagues have asked for the playlists I put together for my seminars and retreats. Here’s one that was particularly popular at my recent event last month. I have a lot of luck to have a marvelous spectrum of musical consultants from all over the world (including my passionately curious and musically astute children). This has helped enormously in discovering and learning about many different kinds of music from various cultures, genres and styles. Choosing and assembling sequences is complex work in itself, but certainly nothing compared to the virtuosity and creative inventiveness of the composers and musicians themselves…

“I recently tapped into your last blog posting of the musical play list; fantastically appreciated.  I too have wanted to inquire regarding access to some of the great music you help introduce us all to; thank you so much!  I dabbled a bit in percussion in my younger years, never really excelling to any appreciative degree, so I am enthralled beyond words at the percussion piece you included of Stan Neufeld playing Front Of The World.  MIND BLOWING mastery – the placement of stick strikes along their length, the tones and sounds accomplished by strike placement on the different locations of the drum heads and symbols, the precision….WOW!!!  I’ve found myself plugged into that performance, and an hour later realized I’ve been sitting there just hitting repeat; captivated, invigorated, revived.”

Thank you for your comment and appreciation. On a different musical spectrum, here’s another recent playlist I hope you’ll all enjoy…

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  1. Jade Wood says:

    So I went to some of your seminars, and as young as I was, time with music were the best for me. Even if some conversations put tears in my eyes, seeing other people open themself amazed me, music adds something that words can’t. Work with silk in music, with wrapper.. I remember how liberating it was when I found the music great and how frustrating it was when I didn’t like the music. But even when I didn’t like the song, I could find contentment in other people eyes. Pleasure of music is contagious.

    Also, how many different genre of music you use and how this pushes us to feel a lot of different things in a day. The power of music to make you love deeper a moment is wonderful. That is the magic of music.

    I remember this beautiful moment after 2hours of exhausting dancing, and exercise, and you put « Birds » from Emiliana Torrini, it became one of my favourite songs, because this moment became the most wonderful of my life. I suppose if you had put some Eminem song at that moment, it would have been a violent moment for me. Sometimes, the art of putting the right song at the right moment is even more important than the music itself.

    By the way, this song of Fritz is amazing. (Even if I usually prefer Paul Kalkbrenner)

    1. These are beautiful and insightful observations, obviously born from experience.

      “The power of music to make you love a deeper moment. That is the magic of music… Sometimes, the art of putting the right song at the right moment is even more important than the music itself.”

      “Lend me your wings, and teach me how to fly…”

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