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  1. A nourishing image of experience,
    for those in silence, amidst tragedies,
    intimate to your sound offering
    of Victor Frankl’s steadfast devotion.

  2. The song by Andrea Bocelli and the photo come together beautifully. That song has always made me slow down and just stop to marvel at its softness, the well of emotion and meaning in his voice. But at the same time it felt alien to me, like it was a softness I didn’t have the vantage point or experience to truly connect with. When I imagined the man listening to it, this music pouring out of the record player in the middle of his destroyed room and the hell of Aleppo, it immediately felt differently to me and made sense. It’s this relationship to sadness and yet appreciation of beauty. His facial expression is like the music.

    1. Nice touch in connecting the whole story between the image and the music. With a little contextual, empathetic sensibility, it becomes easier to find meaning in both. And hopefully the associated text then comes to life.

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