“I started to reflect quietly on my journey…looking at the place I am now. My heart had broken in so many pieces, I never thought it could be mended. And yet, it has…one thread of gold at a time, one thread of love at a time. I remember your talking about alchemy. I think I now understand this process not in my head, but in the deepest of my heart.”

Thank you, Thérèse, for your courage, poetry and inspiration, and for your guiding remembrance of conversations we’ve shared…

“…Wabi-sabi, which means to find beauty in broken things or old things… The importance in kintsugi is not the physical appearance; it is more likely the beauty and the importance stays in the one who is looking…”

And here’s some very worthy related themes, ideas and images to explore on “the beauty of the natural world at the intersection of art and science.” I particularly like these sketchbooks of the artist, Dina Brodsky


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