One of the themes I’ve consistently tried to incorporate into my work over the years is that of integration. The idea is simple yet complex in application, especially when we look at the often outward-spiraling, separate and often conflictual motivations and ambitions of the various schools of thought and organizations that make up this world we live in. Sometimes, we run into an expression of the idea that actually works well, transcending the obvious and subtle borders of our individualities, pulling together differences into a superior, functionally unified whole, if even just momentarily. I think each time we witness such an integration, it works on subtle levels to restore our intuitive faith in some kind of unifying force that can produce exceptional harmony. But it’s even more heartening when it’s intentionally produced on a human scale.

Here is a cool version of the idea, remarkable for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is the enormous complexity of the innovative production and editing skills so seamlessly woven together that they basically disappear in bringing out the best of the participants who are spread out across the world (I hope to someday write a similar sentence about a religious, spiritual or political organization).

The lyrics were fun to rediscover, starting off with the first line, which recalled  an experience I had  not long ago with a good friend as we literally “Pulled into Nazareth…feeling about half past dead” after a long tour around the Sea of Galilee on our way to the Syrian border. This brought some nice touches of meaning from an apparently unrelated song. Perhaps you’ll find some, too.

I recommend listening with good headphones or earphones, especially so as to pick up details of some of the truly remarkable voices.

(A wink to my friends and colleagues in or near many of the locations shown here.) Take a load off and enjoy…

(Thank you, Guy, for sending this my way.)

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