Intrinsic Common Denominator

A few persons have reminded me that it is exactly five years ago that the last Retreat in the South of France took place. That was an extended moment of remarkable harmony and interpersonal cultivation in a community made up of people from all over the world: from different cultures, generations, faiths, beliefs and lifestyles. A real accomplishment in the sense of transcending differences so as to find essential commonality, and to intentionally build the exceptional through shared study, conversation, creative endeavor and exploration.

It seems appropriate to recall such an event during these times of national and international strains on various fronts.

It’s been said that education fails if it is incapable to provide perspectives that transcend separating religious, political and social viewpoints. I think it’s a good idea from time to time, or even everyday, to set aside our subjective preferences, pursuits and opinions to recall the intrinsic common denominator – all of us from the same original pack of tarot cards, as it were – which binds us together, not only as humans but as a species living among many others.

In this spirit, here’s a slideshow (with music) from that retreat, which hopefully can be an aid, too, in reconsidering some ideas and methods for living well within the current restrictions we’re all facing these days.

Much affection and appreciation to my colleagues and friends who have kept alive this spirit of engagement.

Photo by unknown photographer

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