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“The ancient Irish bards knew the Salmon of Knowledge as the giver of all life’s wisdom. In the salmon’s leap of understanding like a leap of faith, we can see ourselves ‘in our element,’ immersed in the river of life.” ~ Lynn Culbreath Noel “Yet, it’s implication and potential has also forced me to step…

Leaning into Art

“You mentioned in the comment section of a recent post that ‘I’d argue that what is often missing is not a belief in science as much as a belief in art. That is, we don’t lean into art as a means to internal or external resolution (of issues, anxiety, discontent, burnout, whatever).’ This stood out…

Universal Quest

“A chapter in Jung’s book (Modern Man in Search of a Soul) mentions physical and psychic transformations that usually come up between the ages of 35 and 40. After this age, if I understand well, he says that people are exposed to bigger changes than before that they meet with already diminished perceptive capacities resulted…

Cultivating Great Character

“But of all he wrote, one topic alone stands as the most important to him: and this is the question of how one can cultivate a great character.” “When a man can say of his states and actions, ‘As I am, so I act,’ he can be at one with himself… and he can accept…


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