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Where to Start?

“Hello. I’m 21 and new to the personal development world. I’ve been checking out websites and not finding what I expected and hoped for. Between the incessant flashing ads, manipulative money-making schemes, and the same be mindful and joyful, here’s how to get everything you want bullshit, it feels like swimming in a shark tank….

The Bigger Picture

“In my work with professional women, I’ve seen that happiness continually escapes them because, first, they don’t understand exactly what will make them happy. They just don’t know themselves well at all.” – Kathy Caprino, Senior Contributor to Forbes Magazine “I sometimes still get confused about my real priorities (maybe it is a lack of…

Intensity of Aliveness

“We all can find glimpses into being pulled along by momentum from past experiences that may have temporarily demanded greater urgency from us—a highly-valued project with much at stake, an emergency that required immediate and complete attention, an opportunity with only seconds to seize it. Unquestioned purpose instantaneously replaced lesser issues and concerns, creating freedom…

Rat Gets Off Wheel

“Since this summer, I keep coming back to soak in this far-reaching post (‘To Set Free’) and all of the multiverses, implications and doorways embedded within it. These realms have been part of quite a constant moving meditation this year. The exploration of this subject is both so expansive and microscopic that admittedly it’s been…


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