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Simple Thankfulness

“If we look at moments in life when we have sensed the malleability of reality with more open possibilities than we had perceived before, they all include an unusually vibrant sensation of thankfulness. This functions retroactively, too, in how we see or hold events from our past. The genuine sensation of simple thankfulness underneath specifics,…

To Set Free

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” ~ Michelangelo “I find it really interesting how Fred Luskin turns forgiveness into something simple that we can all work on. 1. Becoming more grateful, which is (for me) an idea that we always should have in mind. 2. Manage the…


“The ancient Irish bards knew the Salmon of Knowledge as the giver of all life’s wisdom. In the salmon’s leap of understanding like a leap of faith, we can see ourselves ‘in our element,’ immersed in the river of life.” ~ Lynn Culbreath Noel “Yet, it’s implication and potential has also forced me to step…

Leaning into Art

“You mentioned in the comment section of a recent post that ‘I’d argue that what is often missing is not a belief in science as much as a belief in art. That is, we don’t lean into art as a means to internal or external resolution (of issues, anxiety, discontent, burnout, whatever).’ This stood out…


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