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  1. Jade Wood says:

    I find it really interesting how Fred Luskin turns forgiveness into something simple that we can all work on.

    1. Becoming more grateful, which is (for me) an idea that we always should have in mind,

    2. Manage the stress about the situation, to keep a control on it,

    3. Changing the story you tell, « when you change your story to something else, you give your body different pathways to function and your mind different pathways to open to »,

    4. You cannot prove that life owes you something else, « Prove that it was an error and you didn’t deserve the mother you got »
    I interpret it like : things that happened to you, you can only accept it, see it differently, and change your mind about it.

    Also, forgiveness isn’t only about conflict resolution, if you can put your body enough open to be ready to forgive, you’re also more open to be ready to accept things, and see them with a brand new look at it.

    It’s one life lesson.

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