It is important to understand that the experience of joy and grace, as well as contentment and salvation, is not arrived at by the elimination of conflict, but through one’s precision of movement within it.

Mastery of anything is, more than anything else, the transformation of work into play.

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  1. Mihai says:

    I have the sense of discovering a treasure that could have been easily missed. The calm that is made possible by both the trust of the nearby adult(s) and the baby’s inquisitive mind provokes wonder. Without externally or internally imposed fear incredible things seem to be within reach.

    1. Jade Wood says:

      I totally agree with you Mihai! What fascinates me the most is the time the baby takes to analyze each option quietly. I thought the children were rather thoughtless and spontaneous. But this one has a lot more self-control than me! It’s impressive! I feel like we are trying to do everything as fast as possible, like if it shows how we master everything. But we don’t, and this child is showing us how mastery itself is mastered by calmness, analysis, and time-taking.

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