By easing away from the mania that pulls on us, recalling and reconnecting with our essential spirit and callings, we regenerate our core inspiration and faith in Life and our place within it…with a purposeful eye toward facilitating evolution toward ‘More capable human beings,’ meaning grander, freer, more authentic and meaningfully effective.

How do we do that? Delving into pockets of rituals that have, across traditions and cultures, produced superior forms of insight and understanding, healing, evolution, and resolution.

One could call these tunnels into beauty, truth, and love. And we can find access to them on any given day of our lives:

Immersion in compelling engagement

Stillness in the moment

Creative interaction with art

Valiant exploration and discovery

Sincere, revealing human communion

Virtuosic application and expression

Authentic celebration

Reconnecting with nature

Painting by Claude Monet

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