“It is up to us to devise our own rituals. I feel that ritual rises from the earth. If we slow down and listen to the land we are on, we will know what to do. Our rituals must speak to the particular ways we’ve been shaped, or misshaped, by our culture.

“One of the values of ritual is that it has the capacity to derange us, to shake us out of old forms. We need that derangement because the current arrangement isn’t working. We have ceremonies, but we come out of those pretty much the same as when we went in. You’re supposed to emerge from a ritual wondering what the hell just happened.”

~ Francis Weller

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  1. J.J. says:

    “Yesterday, I dove into the Francis Weller video on your blog (30 November 2015). Each chapter evoked and gave breath to questions and internal sensations of comprehension and acquiescence. Such as when he speaks of primary satisfactions that nourish us, that we’ve forgotten. All simple things, so precious, that connect us profoundly to others, to nature, to the essential things of life…all this opens a new space, more concrete, simple and sane. And yes, I sense joy, a joy more intuitive and universal and related to nature. My words don’t materialize yet, not yet giving witness to my exploration, but I’m questioning in living research and this is only the debut.” – J.J.

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