12 January 2016


A Star Who Transcended Music, Art and Fashion

“J’apprends la nouvelle du départ de David Bowie et mes pensées et mon coeur se tournent vers toi… Vous êtes liés à jamais tous les deux…sa musique et ton travail…main dans la main… Les moments magiques, intenses, sacrés lorsque nous l’entendions vivre ses chansons, lorsque chaque note, chaque mot, chaque fragment de sa voix nous guidaient et nous invitaient à le suivre… Merci à lui… Je pense à toi, à la profonde tristesse que tu dois ressentir en ce jour… Et je suis profondément triste…Sound and Vision… Station to Station… Never get old…”

“Music has gone into the dark age again. RIP DB.”

“Massive waves and waves of emotional-spiritual power coming out of a place I don’t know, but one I could see you occupying with this great artist… Such a profound, mysterious intuition in Bowie. I don’t know what to feel or think right now after such a loss and end of an epoch…”

“David Bowie has been such a part of my life, thanks to you. So many songs with such powerful experiences intertwined… And wanted to reach out with an embrace…  And gratitude…”

“David Bowie, with all great visionaries…his full out engagement was always unnerving, always made me look where I was afraid to go…more real, raw and uncontrollable, alive…to live a greater life, a larger life, more inclusive with life, and more solitary with life. I feel your presence in his music, there’s no way to separate the two of you…this morning it helps me to empathize and feel his loss with you.”

Very kind. Thank you.

“I breathe real deep when the movie gets real, when the star turns ’round… And I’m awake in an age of light and living it because of you…”

“Think about my soul but I don’t need a thing, just the ring of the bell and the pure, clean air…”