A Star Who Transcended Music, Art and Fashion

“I heard the news of David Bowie’s departure and my thoughts and heart are with you… The magical, intense moments, sacred when we heard him live, when every note, every word, every fragment of his voice guided us and invited us to follow him… and I am deeply sad…Sound and Vision… Station to Station… Never get old…”

“Music has gone into the dark age again. RIP DB.”

“Massive waves and waves of emotional-spiritual power coming out of a place I don’t know.. Such a profound, mysterious intuition in Bowie. I don’t know what to feel or think right now after such a loss and end of an epoch…”

“David Bowie has been such a part of my life, thanks to you. So many songs with such powerful experiences intertwined… And wanted to reach out with an embrace…  And gratitude…”

“David Bowie, with all great visionaries…his full-out engagement was always unnerving, always made me look where I was afraid to go…more real, raw and uncontrollable, alive…to live a greater life, a larger life, more inclusive with life, and more solitary with life. I often  feel your presence in his music…this morning it helps me to empathize and feel his loss with you.”

Very kind. Thank you. He was an enormous talent with a depth of intuitive intelligence that is very rarely witnessed. Equally remarkable is that he was able to hold everything together over a long period of time to bring such high-end skills into many pieces of art. He provided in a unique way a large reservoir of inspiration for me and many others, and much of that has found its way into my work over decades. Certainly worthy of a pause to celebrate him. Fortunately, that inspiration lives on…

“I breathe real deep when the movie gets real, when the star turns ’round… And I’m awake in an age of light and living it because of you…”

“Think about my soul but I don’t need a thing, just the ring of the bell and the pure, clean air…And I’m running down the street of life, and I’m never gonna let you die…”

For more tributes to David Bowie and a greater understanding of his profound impact on everything from art and music to culture and philosophy and the collective unconscious, here’s an inspired article:

“Talking about how Bowie influenced it is like talking about how oxygen affects the breathing process.”

– Maura Johnston

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